Message From Management Desk

From the Chairman’s Desk

Ashok Aggarwal (Chairman)

A school is always a ‘World in miniature’ where one receives a ‘training for life’, where effective, meaningful and joyful learning takes place. It is here we begin to learn our lessons of life- to accept challenges face competition, defeat and failure and rejoice at victory and success. I dreamt to set up a school in which students could get modern education blended with traditions and culture. My heart fills with pleasure and pride as I see Shemford Futuristic School growing. The seeds of idea have quickly come to realization of our aim.

From the Managing Director’s Desk

Vikas Aggarwal (Managing Director)

‘Plants are shaped by cultivation and men by education’-
Shemford Futuristic School is the largest chain of school in India which is known for its research based quality education. The Shemford School at Saharanpur is a school with a difference committed to ensure quality education with focus on joyful learning through innovations and latest techniques transforming a child into confident and competent personality to face the challenges in life meaningfully and gracefully.
The school takes pride in its excellent world class infrastructure which has been suitably planned to accommodate learning and all round development of the child. The school aims at providing a wide range of facilities to help the children adjust happily and feel at home. The Shemford Futuristic School with excellent faculty intends to build a strong foundation of its students and will strive hard to raise their standard in all spheres to zenith.

From the Principal’s Desk

Neerja Singh (Principal)

Welcome to Shemford Futuristic School. We are committed to create not only a good school but a good society. Coming to this school will actually be like coming back home. Here children will first discover themselves and then create themselves.
It is our vision that students of Shemford Futuristic School should not be one in the crowd but should stand out in the crowd they pass through. We are constantly trying to develop the students who are achievers, confident and all rounder.